I want what happens

During a yoga class at the Wellspring Conference, the teacher encouraged us to navigate the weekend with the mantra, "I want what happens." She asked us to believe that despite any challenges that came up, we would end up exactly where we needed to be.

That mantra really moved me. I've experienced some tough stuff in my life (as we all do). In reflecting back on these challenges, I can see so much beauty that came only because of the pain.

In losing my job, I am now embarking on the most meaningful work of my life. In being dumped by the "bad boy" who I thought was so right, I met Scott and am now married to my soulmate. In not getting pregnant month after month after month, we now have sweet Emma, who is the most incredible little human. In experiencing the throws of postpartum anxiety, I have far deeper levels of compassion and understanding for those battling mental illness.

I'm not at all trying to negate or minimize those who have experienced terrible suffering. There are things that happen to us that we will never understand this side of Heaven. Rather, my intention is to pour love on you. To give you comfort that one day, you may see delicate beauty that could only have come forth from this pain.

The light and love in me, honors the light and love in you. Namaste.

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