Just show up

They say, "Go big, or go home." So when I had only made $12 in the first four hours of my event yesterday, my inclination was to go home. I was exhausted, bored, and felt that staying at the event was not the best use of my time. I reached out to a few friends to gather some sympathy, and, let's be honest, I wanted them to agree that I should go home and not return. Instead, in their infinite wisdom, they encouraged me to "just show up." Here's what happened what I decided to just be present, and not try to make every moment productive and "successful."

--In my boredom, my mind had a chance to actually REST during the day, and because of this I enjoyed a great night of sleep. My mind didn't need to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to have space to think.

--I heard God speak to me. He told me that this weekend was not about the sales. That this event would allow me to focus on my true mission of pouring into people. Not through products, but from my heart and my experiences.

--God further spoke to me through a sweet woman who asked if she could share something with me. "When you feel like you're drowning with everything happening in your life, remember that your lifeguard can walk on water." Amen.

--I practiced mindful moments and enjoyed the sights and sounds all around me. The beautiful music from the piano player, the beautiful colors and lights, the warm air, and the sweet smiles from those passing by.

JUST SHOW UP. It's amazing what happens when you let go of control and receive the gifts the universe is offering. Namaste.

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