Natural Deodorant


No aluminum. No stink.

The rub (so to speak) about natural deos is that the trade-off for ditching toxins is that you still stink. Not true! I personally blended the natural deo to withstand a hot yoga sesh! 

Nourish Natural Deodorant banishes the troubling aluminum in over-the-counter deos in favor of a non-toxic, natural blend that actually works! The hero ingredient is baking soda.* It naturally boosts the pH level under your armpits to kill bacteria that make BO so stinky.  We round out our custom formula with carefully selected ingredients that help absorb wetness, soothe skin, and counter inflammation. 

Nourish Natural Deodorant glides on smoothly and is effective for both women and men.

Size: 2.5 oz BPA-Free Plastic Twist-Up Tube


Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Baking Soda, Organic Non-GMO Corn Starch, Bentonite Clay, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil 

*While baking soda is an incredibly effective natural ingredient, some people find it irritating to their sensitive underarm skin and may want to consider a baking soda-free product.


Apply deodorant to underarm area. As with most natural deodorants that contain baking soda, it is recommended that you wait 30 - 60 minutes to apply on days you shave.

100% CLEAN. 100% NATURAL.

Customer Reviews

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Great deodorant

I have developed a sensitivity to some of the deodorants that I have used for years. I was at a loss until I decided to try Nourish’s deodorant. It works great, I have no sensitivity to the product and I really like it! I’ve found my new deodorant! Thank you!

Mindy M

Love this deoderant! Works great.

Stephanie Tack
Great deodorant

Ordered many times. Love it!!

Jennifer Koch
Yes to this!

Was skeptical, but I truly have no smell after using this deodorant. First natural deodorant that has worked. Will be re-ordering again.

Jennifer H
Add to cart!

I was skeptical. I wanted it to be true but didn't want to be disappointed - and I WASN'T!! This works - really well. I feel so good about using a natural deodorant knowing I'm not exposing myself to harmful chemicals and I have the confidence when using that I'm covered. Try this - you're going to be glad you did!

Customer Reviews

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