Founder & Owner

For me, running a wellness company has been a lifetime in the making. I’ve always loved being active. As a child, I swam, biked, hiked, and took aerobics classes with my mom. I loved the way movement made me feel. Years later, I earned my personal trainer certification, and helped others learn to enjoy moving their bodies, too. I quickly saw the interconnectedness between fitness and nutrition, and wanted to learn more. I headed back to school and worked on my registered dietician credential and master’s degree in nutrition.

Concurrently, I worked for a financial services company, and then a publishing company. My undergraduate degree is in Marketing, and I was able to build my experience in communications, events, sales, and business development. All skills that would later benefit my journey.

After having my daughter, I struggled with postpartum anxiety. I poured myself into researching natural healing modalities to complement the more conventional practices that doctors were offering me. I learned so much about meditation, mindfulness, naturopathy, aromatherapy, and other homeopathic remedies. Little did I know at the time, but my career was about to catch up with my passion.

In January 2018, my then company eliminated my department. Rather than feeling panicked, I felt unexpectedly calm. I could sense that the universe was conspiring to help me step into my deepest dreams.


Est. 2018

I found yoga and learned the healing powers of self-kindness and compassion. I read “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, which deeply shifted my mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. I knew that it was time to wield my passion for wellness to encourage and help others.

With the stage set, a DIY lip balm kit my daughter received for her birthday tipped the scales in a new and exciting direction. We had so much fun making the lip balms that I wanted to create more - only this time, with a natural recipe that included only organic ingredients. We gifted the lip balms to friends, family, and others in our community.

People loved the lip balm and wanted more! I was still in the midst of my career transition, so I thought that I could keep my marketing skills sharp by selling the lip balms online and at farmers markets. I also offered up a selection of the other natural products I had been making for my family for years: hand and face wash, essential oil roller blends, and room sprays. The response was overwhelming! Customers loved the products, retailers asked to carry the products, and media asked to feature the products. And, just like that, Nourish Natural Products was born.

Whether you are purchasing a Nourish deodorant, lash serum, or essential oil roller blend, you are purchasing decades of healing, hope, and passion. Made of much more than organic ingredients, Nourish Natural Products are made from the most powerful ingredient of all: Love.