You Find What You're Looking For - Look for the Good!

What a week.

--I spilled hot tea on my laptop and destroyed it. And, gave myself a second degree burn.

--More than half of Emma's second grade class was out sick with the flu, including Emma.

--I was late in applying for one of my favorite maker events and was wait-listed.

--I stained one of my favorite sweatshirts.

--I lost one of my rings.

I could keep adding to the list, which is exactly why I needed to change what I was looking for.

Earlier in the week, I read that the New Moon could mean a time of chaos and challenge, I started scanning my days for chaos and challenge. And, I found them.

I knew from my Mindfulness practices that I first needed to acknowledge the challenges and offer myself compassion and kindness. Then, I could intentionally look for something different. I could look for the good. And, I found it. Lots of it.

--A friend offered me a great deal on her laptop and Scott was able to retrieve ALL of my files from the decommissioned one.

--I used Nourish products to treat my burn and have a new testimonial to share on their wildly awesome effectiveness.

--Scott found my ring.

--Scott took a day off of work to tend to Emma so that I could still make my meetings. How wonderful that I have a husband who values what I do even though I'm not the breadwinner.

--Our school district is going above and beyond to care for the kids.

--A friend of mine who I adore moved back to Milwaukee!

--Then, there are the countless little things: we have heat in our home, food in the fridge, running water, gas in our cars (including my car, which is the car I've dreamed of having for seven years!), delicious coffee that I can pour into a beautiful mug, my amazing yoga studio, and so much more.

My energy completely shifted when I started looking for the good. I found the good. And, LOTS of it!

Remember, it's not about repressing the challenging feelings. We need to feel our feels and offer ourselves compassion. We can then kindly redirect our mind to look for the good.

Morale of the Story: You find what you're looking for, so look for the good.

The other Morale of the Story: Scott is my Superhero.

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