Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 10/21/21

Hi, Sweet Friends,

Welcome back to Nourish Together, a compilation of wellness products, practices, tips, and inspiration I'm loving right now. Plus, any updates that I feel are awesome and worth sharing. 

I hope you find value in the content. 


Recipe of the Week

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

Everyone in my family loves these cookies! They are soft, moist, and totally delicious! I first saw this recipe in a Penzeys Spices catalog. 

 Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies


Recommendation of the Week (NOT sponsored, just sharing a product I use and love)

When a friend shared that many dental floss products had chemicals in them, I quickly searched for a natural alternative. I found Cocofloss and I’ve never looked back. My favorite flavor is Coconut. 

It’s a super-cleansing, soft, textured dental floss that is infused with naturally soothing coconut oil and vegan wax for an extra gentle experience. It’s free from parabens, SLS, and PFAS.  

I’m one of those rare birds that loves flossing my teeth, and Cocofloss made me love it even more!


Dental Floss  

Tip for Entrepreneurs

I subscribe to Allan Dib’s weekly newsletter. He holds many titles, including author of the 1-Page Marketing Plan. His message this week really resonates with me: “Test small. Test cheap. Test fast.” 

Following is an excerpt from the newsletter.

“I've noticed something curious...

It's the most intelligent people who have the most trouble building and launching things. Whereas their less gifted counterparts generally have far more commercial and financial success.


Because highly intelligent people tend to overthink things. They analyze every angle and try to get it perfect right out of the gate. They tend to be perfectionists.

So they'll spend a year, or even years, building a product or a marketing campaign. They'll delay launching it. And when they finally go to market (if they go to market), they discover nobody wants it.

Conversely, their competitors just keep trying, failing, trying again and iterating until they hit a winner. They may have tested 10 different ways before the perfectionist overthinker even tries once.

The time to act is when the idea is fresh. When you're 100% motivated, you can just pull the trigger. It generates an energy of its own.

Test small. Test cheap. Test fast.

That's how the most successful startups run, and that's what I recommend for you as well.”

This is the philosophy I’ve used to build Nourish. Instead of overthinking any one thing, we jump in, then assess, then tweak, so we can keep the momentum going. I find that assessing in the “real world” versus conceptual modeling is so much more meaningful. Plus, so much of winning is actually starting. 

Test Small Test Cheap Test Fast

Fun News

 This week has not only been special for Nourish, but for me personally.

My friend of 13 years, Dawn Strzok, is now a full-time Nourish employee!

I first met Dawn when working at Taste of Home. We started within three weeks of each other in 2008 and have been dear friends ever since.

While Dawn has always volunteered to help me grow Nourish in her spare time, we've dreamed of the day that she could come onboard full-time. Well, that day is here and I couldn't be more excited!

Dawn will be helping the Nourish Team further cultivate relationships - both with our customers and retail partners. She'll also be helping with our marketing efforts, sales platforms, and Social Impact programs.

DREAMS absolutely do come true.

 New Nourish Employee Dawn


Nourish's Upcoming Events

We're wrapping up the 2021 Farmers Market season this weekend... and, we're going out with a bang! 

While we're usually on point with how many products to make for each event, we grossly overestimated how many products we needed for one of the festivals we attended this summer.

It's important to us that we always sell you the freshest products possible, so we're offering massive savings this weekend to help thin our inventory and get these products into your hands.

We are offering 50% OFF select products at these events:

Nourish upcoming events

Saturday, October 23

Oak Creek Farmers Market

Drexel Town Square

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Sunday, October 24

Shorewood Farmers Market

Estabrook Parkway

9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.   

We hope to see you there!


Products to Feature in Best Sellers:

Pumpkin Spice

Self-Discovery Blend


Live Well. Be Kind.


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