Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 5/25/23

Recipe of the Week

This week’s recipe, Crack Cauliflower, comes from Nourish’s very own teammate, Moorea!

Moorea shared, “I make this recipe every summer when I’m looking to add a little something different to my roasted vegetables. It’s delicious and easy. Plus, you can never go wrong with ranch!


Recipe Here


Forest Bathing

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go forest bathing as part of the Transcend Retreat at Blue Lotus Retreat Center. It felt like giving myself a big, warm hug from Mother Nature.

Forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, is a mindfulness practice that originated in Japan, and is all about embracing the magic of nature with all of your senses.

Forest bathing isn't your typical hike—it's more leisurely where you take things nice and slow. You want to savor every moment and let your senses come alive.

Take a deep breath and inhale that crisp, fresh air. Feel the earth beneath your feet as you step on mossy paths. Give those beautiful trees a gentle touch and let the textures amaze you. Listen to the chirping birds, rustling leaves, and the gentle flow of nearby water.

The best part? Forest bathing is like a superpower for your well-being! Studies suggest that it can melt away stress, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and even put a smile on your face. It's a natural dose of happy vibes from the forest.

You can embark on this adventure solo, or join up with a certified forest therapy guide, like I did. The nature guru will show you the ropes, help you connect with the forest on a deeper level, and make the whole experience even more magical.

I encourage you to embrace the joyous journey of forest bathing. Nature is waiting to play with you!

Interested? Following are upcoming Guided Forest Bathing Walks in the Milwaukee area:

Wehr Nature Center Forest Bathing

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Forest Bathing

Live well. Be kind.


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