Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 4/14/22

Recipe Of the Week 

Recipe of the week Nourish Natural Products

My dear friend, Sarah Feldner, LOVES to bake. She founded and ran Treat Bake Shop, and during her tenure, she won an award for “Best Cookies in Milwaukee!”

Sarah went to pastry school in France, has worked for cooking magazines, and even wrote a cookbook, A Cook’s Journey to Japan, that Gwenyth Paltrow listed as one of her favorite cookbooks!

For fun, Sarah created a blog called, Bake it Write. Last week, she posted, “5 FAMOUS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPES YOU NEED IN YOUR REPERTOIRE!”

As soon as I read the article, I thought of you, dear friends, and I reached out to Sarah and asked if I could feature it.

You’re very welcome.


Mantra of the Week

This is your sign. Go for it!

Wellness Tip

EMF radiation

I prefer to encourage & inspire versus scare or shame.

Once in a while, though, I feel compelled to share information that might make you a little uncomfortable, but I feel it’s too important not to bring to your attention.

Are you familiar with the term “EMF?” It stands for electromagnetic field, and is sometimes known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). All electronic devices produce EMFs. There’s research being done on the effects of EMFs and some experts believe that EMFs may negatively impact our overall wellness.

EMFs are all around us, including in our homes. From microwaves to phones to laptops to smart watches, they’re a part of modern day living.

Different studies have found that “frequent exposure to low-level, non-ionizing radiation may cause neurological and psychiatric problems, fatigue, low libido, depression, anxiety, headaches, sleeping problems, irritability, a change in memory, a change in appetite, nausea, and even cancer.”

I encourage you to take 15 minutes and do a Google Search on EMF exposure. Read research from organizations that you know and trust. Then, consider reducing your exposure.

Perhaps, try a few of the following:

–When you’re not using your phone, place it away from you. At night when you sleep, put it in another room.

–Use your phone’s speaker function versus holding it to your head.

–Don’t carry your phone in your pocket. Try carrying it in your purse instead.

–Use Airplane Mode.

–Take a break from your smartwatch.

–Turn off your Wi-Fi Router before you go to bed.

Your body will thank you!

Nourish Update 

Friends, I’ve loved researching and writing the Sunday Nourishment emails. Working on the Chakra series felt like a passion project. (I’m actually considering turning that content into interactive workshops - I’ll keep you posted!)

That being said, the amount of time I’ve been devoting to writing content is just not sustainable with the other duties I have with Nourish.

So, we’ll be pausing the Sunday emails for a bit while we figure out a more realistic schedule. 

In the meantime, thank you for your grace and understanding. 


Live well. Be Kind. 

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