Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 3/3/22

Hi, Sweet Friends!

Welcome back to Nourish Together, a compilation of wellness products, practices, tips, and inspiration. Plus, any updates that we feel are awesome and worth sharing. 

 Elyse Bullard Photography Megan Jones Headshots

This week, I invited Megan to take over the newsletter! Megan is our Creative Director and oversees so many areas of our business: photography, graphic design, brand guidelines, social platforms, content calendars, and so much more!

I know you’ll enjoy getting to know her. She’s my right-hand woman and I’m blessed to have her on the team.



Megan’s Favorite Recipe

I love this Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe. It's relatively easy to make, comforting, and delicious! It has a light, fresh taste with the lemon, and a nice pinch of spice. It’s become my husband's favorite meal and I highly recommend it! 

Garlic Lemon Chicken Recipe Nourish Natural Products


Megan’s Mantra

“It is what it is” 

I’ll admit it, I don't like change. Especially last minute change to something that was previously scheduled. When I find myself sorting through my frustration about a cancellation or a change in plans, I have to remind myself, “It is what it is.” Being frustrated about the change of plans isn't going to help anything. So reminding myself that, “It is what it is,'' helps me move through that frustration and onto what's next! 


Megan’s Product Recommendations 

I love my Swell water bottle. I cannot drink water unless it's ICE cold. The Swell water bottle keeps my ice frozen in my water all day! I don't drink water from anything else! 

Swell water bottle, Product Recommendation

In our household, we make every effort to buy items that are reusable. Through the process of switching from disposable to reusable, we found Stasher bags. I love them! I’ve replaced zip top bags with them, and even cling wrap, in some cases. Stasher bags have great versatility. You can bake, microwave, boil and freeze them. They really do it all! 

Stasher Bags Product Recommendations

Megan’s Insider Secret

An unconventional use of a Nourish product

When I was pregnant, my belly would get SO. ITCHY. (Shout-out to all of the pregnant ladies - I'm sure you can relate!) The itchiness would heighten around bedtime, and I tried everything to soothe that sensation. I was over the moon excited to find that our Glow Face Serum was the cure! This blend is the perfect combination to help soothe a growing baby bump! It was the only thing that helped my belly feel hydrated and soft.

Bonus, I didn't get any stretch marks! 

Nourish Glow Face Serum

Nourish Events

Milwaukee Friends, MARK YOU CALENDARS FOR THIS SUNDAY! We’re showing up to the MKE Destash Event with over one thousand products up to 70% OFF! Wait, what?!!!

We’re clearing our shelves of seasonal inventory, products that may have slight cosmetic flaws on the label, discontinued products, and products we just simply made too many of.

(For our friends unable to attend the event, we’ll be offering a “flash sale” next week of any remaining products. As an email subscriber, you’ll get FIRST ACCESS to the sale.) 

Sunday, March 6
MKE Destash Event
10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
House of Rad
900 E Keefe Ave, Milwaukee

Sunday, March 14
Chicago Artisan Market
Morgan MFG
401 N. Morgan St, Chicago (Fulton market neighborhood )

Live Well. Be Kind.

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