Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 11/10/22

Recipe of the Week

Coconut Curry Chicken

My dear friend, Emily Landers of A Little Something A Lot of Love, shared this week’s recipe with me.

Curried Coconut Chicken is a mouthwatering hint of the tropics and is one of her family’s favorite recipes. It goes well with rice and vegetables.


Recipe Here


If it doesn't open, it's not your door

Something Important is Happening Now

Something Important is Happening Now

There’s never a time when nothing is happening.

Something is always taking place. Growth is occurring. We’re evolving, transforming, working things out, incorporating our last lesson, preparing for our next. Something is happening. We just don’t always see it. And that’s how it's meant to be.

When we see, when we know too much too soon, it’s easy to let our heads get in the way. We think we have to control, have to force, have to make it happen, have to do something.

In a gentle but wise way, the universe takes into account our fears and our natures. It doesn’t let us know too much too soon. It doesn’t spoil the surprise. It doesn’t want us to spoil it either.

Open your heart to the universe.

Trust that something is always happening.

And often, it’s much different and better than you think.

Excerpt from Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie

Link to Book

A Good Laugh

Jamie, Scott, and Emma laughing on couch

’ve committed to “enjoying the journey” more. I found myself taking life a little too seriously this week, so I decided I needed a good laugh.

I really enjoy Jim Gaffigan’s comedy, and thought you’d appreciate this ridiculous 8-minute bit, too. (Just a heads up that the first few minutes are a bit spicy.)

Good Laughs Here

Live well. Be kind.


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