Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 9/23/21

Hi, Sweet Friends,

Welcome back to Nourish Together, a compilation of wellness products, practices, tips, and inspiration I'm loving right now. Plus, any updates that I feel are awesome and worth sharing. 

I hope you find value in the content. 


Recipe of the Week

 I first made this Spicy African Yam Soup recipe when I was working on my Registered Dietitian credential at Mount Mary College. My classmates and I took over the campus dining hall and cooked a Mediterranean Feast for our fellow students! I chose North African cuisine and immediately fell in love with this recipe. It’s incredibly flavorful and super easy to make.

The recipe is delicious as is. Oftentimes, though, I will eliminate the chickpeas (tough on my tummy) and add more peanut butter. A friend of mine adds rotisserie chicken when she makes it. 

I hope this recipe becomes one of your new fall favorites! 

 Spicy African Yam Soup


Today, I had the opportunity to celebrate five women who were recognized for their incredible service to the communities in which they live. I left with lots of “goosebumps” feeling totally inspired. 

Then, I spent a few hours with a friend who I absolutely love and adore. I left her home feeling peaceful, cared for, and emotionally energized. 

It was a day filled with deep human connection. I highly recommend it. 

 Quote Connections

One of My Favorite Things (NOT sponsored, just sharing a product I use and love)

You can imagine my complete surprise and delight when I learned that my tent neighbors at Summerfest this year were Colette & Mark, my same tent neighbors from Bastille Days in 2019! 


It was so fun to be reacquainted! Colette & Mark sell Hip Klip Wallets and I finally bought one after constantly thinking about them for TWO YEARS!


Hip Klip Wallets can be clipped to your waistline and are intended to be used in place of a purse. I had a different idea for using one. 

I have sleep issues and listen to white noise at night on my phone. And, although I turn on “airplane mode” and use wired headphones, I cringe at the thought of the remnant magnetic field around me. 

Hip Klip Wallets are made with a copper-plated lining that offers protection from this potentially harmful exposure. I just slip my phone into the wallet before I fall asleep. 

People have different thoughts on electromagnetic pollution. I’m someone who doesn’t think it’s awesome for my body, and I like to take steps to reduce it.  

(Shameless Nourish Plug: Did you know that Black Tourmaline Crystals are also thought to help reduce levels of EMF pollution?! That’s why we include them in our Sage Smudge Spray.)

 Hip Klip Wallets

Fun News

 Are you on Instagram? If so, head over to @nourishnaturalproducts and enter the First Day of Fall Giveaway! We’ve partnered with some of our favorite local businesses and are giving one lucky winner an incredible prize package worth $450!

I promise it’s not too good to be true! 

Most small businesses love partnering on giveaways. It’s a great way for us to raise brand awareness and share our communities with one another. We donate our products or services, and in exchange, we have the potential to reach new, like-minded people. WIN-WIN!    

 Nourish First Day Of Fall Giveaway

Nourish's Upcoming Events

We’re wrapping up September with these super fun and awesome events:

Saturday, September 25

Stonewood Village Makers Market

17700 W Capitol Drive, Brookfield

8:00 AM  -  2:00 PM

Sunday, September 26

Shorewood Farmers Market

Estabrook Parkway

9:30 AM  - 1:00 PM

Please stop by, we’d love to see you!


Live Well. Be Kind.


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