Megan's List of Photography Must-Haves

⁠I fully recognize how blessed we are to work with such talented photographers on our product images, including our very own Nourish teammate, Megan. ⁠

Megan is a brilliant, self-taught, amateur photographer, and I asked her to share some of her top tips for beautiful product photography.⁠

*Megan's List of Photography Must-Haves*⁠

📸Natural Light: Set yourself up in front of a big window, but avoid direct sunlight. ⁠natural light

📸Collapsible Light Reflector: This useful lighting accessory will improve the quality of your images, help create different tones within your photo, and buffer out intense shadows. You can find these online with an easy Google search. ⁠
photo props

📸Solid Square Backdrop - This will help you attach poster boards, or other backgrounds and textures, to keep your second hand free. ⁠

📸Tiles & Fabrics- Having a set 2 - 3 backdrops will help instantly create cohesiveness across product photos, regardless of when you shoot them. ⁠

📸Greenery- Taking photos on a complete white background can be really challenging, and even harder to match from one day of shooting to the next. By adding in some greenery, you give the image some depth of feel, allow for shadow play, and for the image to look slightly different from one to the next. ⁠

photography props

Now, ready, aim, shoot!⁠📸⁠

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