"Beautiful people don't just happen."

I feel more beautiful now than ever before... and may I remind you, I was a teen model. 😁🤪

My beauty is a result of my perseverance to keep going, no matter the circumstance.

In reflecting on the past decade, I realized that I've found my way to the other side of some pretty tough stuff. As much as every fiber of my being wants to feel awesome ALL.THE.TIME., I'm seeing how my struggles have introduced me to a whole new beautiful world.

My significant back injury took me away from my beloved cardio and strength training. AND, it brought me into a yoga studio where I've gained an amazingly supportive community, sweet friendships, an opportunity to learn and play without feeling the need to be an expert, and a new "workout" style that is kind to my body.

My post-partum anxiety, the most awful thing I've ever experienced, has gifted me with incredible compassion, release of judgment, special bond with other moms, and an amazing meditation practice.

My delay in getting pregnant gave me Emma, the most awesome girl in my world.

Being laid-off from my job gave me time to take Mindfulness classes which led to the healing powers of self-compassion and kindness, which led to me launching Nourish.

Trust me, I'd like nothing more than to have smooth sailing the rest of my life. I know, though, that when the challenges come, I will rise above, like I always do. I will become even more beautiful.

Cheers to all of the beautiful people in my world. I SEE YOU, love you, and adore you.

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