Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I love hanging out with Emma as she gets ready in the morning, especially when she steps in front of her mirror. She takes abundant delight in her carefully curated outfits, striking poses and dance moves so she can admire herself from every angle. She loves what she sees.

So does Scott. He scans for awesomeness. And, finds it.

When I step in front of the mirror, I kind of hold my breath before I see my reflection, hoping that today is the day that I love, love, love what I see. That magically, overnight, my body has transformed into exactly how I want it to be. But, then I see the reality of what's before me, and I quickly start scanning for all of the ways that prove I'm not there yet. How sad, right?

At yoga this morning, I accidentally landed in front the of the only small mirror in the studio, which meant I had ample views of my backside during every downward dog pose. My first thought was, "Gosh, look how wide your hips are!"

Then, I took pause as I heard God whisper to me, "Look for the good."

YES! "Look for the good" is the mantra I used to train my mind over the past two years. I've applied it countless times to situations that have happened with my business and in my relationships. So, why hadn't I ever thought to apply that same mindset when looking at my body?

In that moment, I challenged myself to find something pleasing. I moved my focus away from my hips and toward the shape of my leg and pointed toes that looked long and graceful. Like a dancer. I saw the defined muscles in the tops of my shoulders and triceps. I smiled.

I'm not suddenly cured of my judging thoughts toward myself, but I have now identified a way to soften them. And, I trust that overtime and with intentional practice, that I will continue to look for -- and find-- the good.

I invite you to do the same. You have SO MUCH good.


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