Rhythm. Running Man. Rest.

Rhythm. It's one of my favorite words right now.

I've been listening to several books and meditations on the power and beauty of living rhythmically. I have a tendency, like many do, to dance at just one speed: Go, Go, Go. Dig In. Do More.

While intuitively I know that the Waltz and Ballet are more beautiful ways to dance, I keep doing the "Running Man."

I've been intentionally working on varying my speed and my dance moves.

When my mind and body are exhausted, instead of sucking it up and finishing one more thing, I'm allowing myself to pause and rest.

I'm reminding myself that "like attracts like." I want to attract joy and awesomeness into my life. If I only run ragged, I'll attract more moments of frenzy and stress.

In honoring my rhythms, I'm honoring God. I don't have to do it all. I can slow down, spend time with Him, and trust that He can do infinitely more than I could ever hope or imagine.

I read the following in my devotional this morning: "I have called you to walk with Me down paths of Peace. I want you to blaze a trail for others who desire to live in My peaceful presence. I have chosen you less for your strengths than for your weaknesses, which amplify your need for Me. Depend on Me more and more, and I will shower Peace on all your paths."

...I have chosen you less for your strengths than for your weaknesses....

I think that part of the reason that I work so hard is that I'm seeking approval. I want you to think I'm awesome and successful and have it all together.

But, when I reflect on times when I've felt most connected, it's when I've shared my vulnerabilities and weaknesses. So many of you have thanked me for sharing tools I've learned to manage my anxiety. Yesterday, I met someone who thanked me for the tip I shared on using urine to treat my eye stye. 😁

In slowing down the pace of life, we will likely bump up against our weaknesses. Instead of pushing them down, let's get curious and give them space.

After reading my devotional and getting curious about God using me for my weaknesses, I looked out the window and saw two deer in our front yard. They were nibbling our lawn, and then moved over to a spot beneath a group of super thorny trees. They stayed in that spot. I thought, why not move back to the smooth grass? Then, I realized, that underneath the thorns, is the really good stuff.

Let's tap into our natural rhythms, our strengths AND weaknesses, and enjoy the really good stuff.


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