You Find What You're Looking For

"You attract what you focus on." "You find what you're looking for."

It's been a tough week for folks in the Midwest. We've seen rain, rain, and more rain. The gloom has us feeling gloomy.

Let's see if we can practice mindfulness to gain another perspective. First, though, let's acknowledge that this weather is tough. We prefer warm and sunny weather because it makes us feel good. Rain makes us feel sad.


Given the givens, how can we extend ourselves kindness and focus on a mindset of abundance? Let's explore the beauty and goodness that comes from all of this rain.

--Hot coffee tastes even better and more soothing on these cold mornings. --Everything green is getting greener. --ALL.THE.BLANKETS. --Lounge pants and sweatshirts --I can still get away with not shaving my legs. --My hot yoga studio feels like a tropical oasis. --My amazing yoga teacher played hip-hop music during class yesterday to energize us. I LOVE HIP-HOP. I mean, how often do you get to practice Warrior 2 while listening to Beyonce?! --No doing spring clean-up in the yard!


What else, sweet friends?! Try thinking of some good that has come from the rain. I promise you'll start vibing higher and attracting more of the good stuff. You'll find what you're looking for.


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