What you put on and in your body matters

Friends, since launching Nourish, my mission has been to plant seeds of wellness and kindness. It's important to me to continually remind you that YOU MATTER. And, what you put on, and in, your body matters.

At a time when there is so much to be shared about the proliferation of toxins in our products, environment, and food, I have intentionally chosen not to be an alarmist.

I'm going to sound the alarm for a minute though, because I have seen way too many bottles of chemical-based air fresheners in bathrooms lately. Too many bottles of handsanitizers being used by adults and kids (gulp).

This article highlights 10 products that are just not helping your awesome body be the best it can be. Please consider eliminating them from your home. Please.

1. Air Fresheners 2. Chemically-Scented Candles 3. PVC Shower Curtains 4. Carpet Cleaners 5. Dry Cleaning Products 6. Insecticides & Pesticides 7. Antibacterial Products 8. Deodorant containing Aluminum & Parabens 9. Toothpaste containing Triclosan 10. Teflon Cookware

Whether you purchase natural alternatives from Nourish (I can help you with 5 of these categories) or another natural company, please just replace these products in your home. You are too important. The world needs you healthy, vibrant, and sharing your beautiful message.


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