awk*ward: not smooth or graceful

These photos were taken just a few years apart. The photo on the left was my 8th grade photo. Ooh, those awkward middle school years.

I've entered another awkward phase. Nourish has grown quickly, and I need to learn new skills to take it to the next level. The thing is, I kind-of-don't-want-to because the things I need to learn are outside of my comfort zone. I love people. I don't love numbers. I want to spend my time inspiring and educating, not computing and analyzing costs of goods sold.

I met with my mentor yesterday. She reminded me to remove the pressure of "perfect learning” and "perfect performance." She encouraged me to simply PLAY in this new space. How do I play with something as serious as money?!

Because the alternative is keeping my head in the sand and slowly losing the opportunity to grow my platform and share my message. Gulp.

So, how do I play amidst the awkwardness? I'm going to apply the tools I've learned from mindfulness and yoga.

1- Feel my feels and offer myself compassion, "Of course I feel awkward. I'm human. Learning new things can be scary."

2- Consider what would feel like kindness. I have so many talented friends. I can ask for help. I can take a workshop. I can give myself permission to tackle one thing at a time.

3- Pick that one thing and do it. Just start. I can tweak as I move along. Just like when I try a new yoga pose. I don't expect to do it perfectly the first time I try it. I know that I will get better every time I practice. The same thing holds true off of the yoga mat.

4- Celebrate small victories. I tend to focus on growth, forgetting to look back and take in the view of all that I've accomplished. It's important to acknowledge and appreciate the journey.

5- Trust that the universe has your back and that you will succeed.

I went from an awkward 8th grader to a high school teen model. Awkwardness paves the path for beauty.


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