Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 9/29/22

Recipe of the Week

Chicken Meatballs

My sweet friend and Nourish customer, Kimberly G, shared this week's recipe with me: Best Anytime Baked Chicken Meatballs

They are termed the "BEST" because:

  • They use ONE bowl
  • No cutting boards are needed
  • They are meal-prep and freezer friendly
  • They are baked - no sautéing necessary
  • They go with anything, anytime

I made the recipe last night and they were delicious - so juicy and flavorful. This recipe will definitely be on regular rotation in our house going forward. 


Recipe Here


Courage Quote

Discover Life's Rhythm

Meditation by water

Step into the natural rhythm for your life.

You don't have to push through anymore. You don't have to push yourself, life, or the energy flow.

If you get tired, take a break. Take a walk. Take in the healing energy of the world around you. Listen to the birds sing. Hear the laughter of a child. Feel the warm smile of a friend, or smile at a stranger passing by. If you get stuck or tangled up, stop trying to force the solution. Back off, until the answer emerges naturally from that place of peace and natural instinct within you.

Step out of your tension, out of your fear. Laugh. Lighten up. Loosen up. Change your energy. Relax until you find the flow. Relax until you find the rhythm, until you feel life's rhythm again.

Step into the rhythm of love.

Excerpt from: Journey to the Heart, Melody Beattie



My longtime friend Kelly, and her daughter Evie, own and run the sustainable fashion company, EcoEvie. 

EcoEvie’s mission is to promote our world’s well being, making clothing entirely from recycled water bottles, and donating a portion of each sale to animal conservation efforts. 

Evie is a super passionate 11 year old who cares a lot about our environment and our wildlife. Evie loves the zoo, everything animal related, and raising awareness and funds to help conservation. 

Evie was diagnosed with Autism at a young age, and animals have always been a high interest topic for her. Today, Evie has become a walking encyclopedia of animal knowledge, and loves learning and sharing all that she can about different species of animals. All of the brand's featured designs are focused on animals of Evie's choosing, and she has a lot more animals she plans on adding to the line in the future!   

Please consider supporting EcoEvie. Kelly and Evie are working super hard to save animals, one water bottle at a time.

Fun Fact: I babysat Kelly when she was a young girl. Even back then, I knew that she was destined to change the world. 

Shop Here

Live well. Be kind.


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