Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 9/1/22

Vacation Time

Vacation suggestions

I’m fortunate to be writing this week’s email from a tree house in Coloma, MI! The extended family is together to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday! (Happy Birthday, Andy! We love and adore you!)

Scott captured the above photo from Hagar Park Beach at sunset, just a few minutes walk from where we are staying. As you can see, it’s totally swoon-worthy.


Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day Fun: Train game

It rained on Monday, so we played board games and cards. One of my favorite games right now is Mexican Train. Have you played?! It’s a fun spin on dominoes and can be played by all ages.


Wellness Recommendation

Wellness suggestions : workout without weights

I left my free weights at home and instead packed my resistance band so I could still easily get in my upper body workouts this week. Following is a 12-Minute Arms Workout that was fun and quickly hit each of the major muscle groups.


Product Recommendation 

Product recommendation: Pancake mix

Scott, Emma, and I have several food sensitivities, so we packed Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix to share with the group. The pancakes were a huge hit. So were these Keto Coconut Clusters. The large bag was gone after one day! Delish!


Nourish Favorites

 While I love all of the Nourish products, following are the ones that made it into my suitcase. I truly cannot go a day without them. 

 I also packed a dozen of our Sweet Dreams Calming Sleep Sprays. In addition to celebrating Andy’s birthday, we hosted a Baby Shower for Cousin Claire. The 2 oz bottles made perfect party favors. (While we typically only offer the 2 oz size during the holidays, you’re always welcome to email me and we can make some up for all of your party needs!)

Live well. Be kind.