Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 8/18/22

Recipe of the Week

recipe of the week: trader joes limited sauce

Have you tried the Salsa de Cacahuate from Trader Joe’s?! If not, please do yourself a favor and buy some NOW! It’s a limited edition, seasonal product that is incredibly delicious.

Following is the description from the Trader Joe's website, including serving recommendations:

If you’ve ever sampled the cuisine of southern Mexico, you’ve likely come across a version of salsa de cacahuate, a savory, often spicy, peanut-based sauce that’s used on a remarkably wide range of dishes, from street tacos to roast chicken to grilled shrimp, and more. Etymologically derived from a Nahuatl word for peanut, salsa de cacahuate has a unique mix of creaminess, nuttiness, and peppery heat that makes it an uncommonly versatile condiment—just the kind of sauce that cries out to be put on everything.

In tribute to this southern Mexican staple, we’re proudly offering Trader Joe’s Salsa de Cacahuate for the summer. And just like the namesake sauce that inspired it, this rich and flavorful jarred Salsa is almost endlessly versatile. Aside from enjoying as a dip with your favorite tortilla chip, you can use it to enhance everything from burritos to burgers to breakfast fare. It adds an extraordinary depth of flavor when served over salmon, steak, or stuffed peppers, and brings out the best of a sizzling plate of fajitas. For a true treat, try spooning it generously over a plate of sliced pork loin.



Weekly inspiration: body image issues

Product Recommendation

I received Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes in one of my subscription boxes. I decided to have fun and wear them for the photoshoot. 

I had only tried faux lashes one other time, and did not have an easy go with them.

Fortunately, these were soooo much easier to use. You just apply the magnetic liner to your lash line and then apply the lashes on top. Voila! I still need more application practice, but I still felt super glam! 

Live well. Be kind.


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