Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 7/20/23

Recipe of the Week

This week’s recipe comes from my immensely talented baker friend, Sarah Feldner, of Bake it Write.

Sarah shared of her Blueberry Muffin Top Cake, “Fit for a crowd, this recipe highlights everything you love about blueberry muffins - in sheet pan form: Bursting with 4(!) large cups of blueberries, generously topped with a buttery crumble, and sprinkled with crunchy sugar sparkles.”


Recipe Here


Inspirational Quote

Jamie's List

This summer, I’ll be sharing all sorts of things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. I’m just sharing things that are helping me along my journey. 

Lazy River Tubing

One of my favorite summertime activities is going lazy river tubing. Floating down a river, being surrounded by nature, and soaking in the sun, I think to myself, “This is the life!”

Earlier this week, Scott, Emma, and I went to Pliska’s Crystal River Tubing in Waupaca, WI and because it was the middle of the week, we had the river to ourselves!! The water was crystal-clear and warm (enough). The water level was down eight inches, though, which made for some slow and rocky floating, but we made the best of it. (Note to self: check water levels before the trip next time.) 

Our favorite lazy river tubing locations are the Wolf River in New London, WI and the Wisconsin River in Eagle River, WI. I’d also really like to try the Apple River in Somerset, WI.  

Ravensburger Puzzles

I love building puzzles. My sweet spot is 150 - 250 piece puzzles that I can complete in one sitting. My favorite puzzles are Ravensburger Puzzles because the quality is so nice.

Summer Dresses

My summer uniform continues to be Eddie Bauer performance dresses. They are low-maintenance (think, NO ironing needed!), high-performance dresses made of breathable fabric that wicks moisture and includes built-in sun protections and odor control. They are stretchy in all of the right places making them super comfy. Plus, they last and last.

I wear them on Nourish event days, when I’m traveling, and even out to dinner. I highly recommend them.

Gift Boutique

I was able to visit The Local gift boutiques in Wausau and Weston, WI this week, and, wow, what gems! They’ve carried Nourish products on their shelves for years, so it was such a treat to meet Jennifer, Courtney, and Alison in person and see their beautiful shops. If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend a visit! 

Live well. Be kind.



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