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I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

Friends, we are being gifted with a very special astrological event today and tomorrow — the Summer Solstice & Strawberry Full Moon! This is a rare phenomenon, occurring only once every few decades.

When these two events coincide, we experience a powerful synergy of solar and lunar energies, creating a 24-hour period of extended natural light.

Summer Solstice
The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). It's the moment when the Earth’s tilt toward the sun is at its maximum, bringing us the most daylight hours. It symbolizes the peak of summer’s energy and vitality.

Strawberry Full Moon
Named by Native Americans, the Strawberry Moon is the full moon that appears in June. It signifies the time when wild strawberries are ripe for picking. This full moon is particularly vibrant and radiant, adding an extra touch of magic to our night skies.

Ways to Honor this Special Event
Moon Bathing: Just as we soak up the sun’s rays, moon bathing allows us to absorb the calming and healing energies of the moon. Lay in a hammock or on a blanket and let the moonlight soothe you.

Eat Strawberries: Celebrate the namesake of this moon by indulging in fresh strawberries.

Nature Walk: Take a leisurely walk in a nearby park or nature reserve. Notice the vibrant colors, the sounds of summer, and the life all around you. Let nature’s beauty inspire gratitude and joy.

Creative Expression: Write in your journal, paint, or engage in a craft that reflects the themes of growth and illumination.

Embrace the Light
Here’s to embracing the magic of this luminous time!



Nourish Pick of the Week

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While we will always love (and prefer) our smokeless Sage Smudge Spray, we believe there's room for both products in your wellness toolkit.

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Recipe of the Week

Greek Chicken Bowls 

Temperatures were near 90 degrees yesterday, so we decided a refreshing salad would make the perfect dinner.

This Greek Chicken Bowl did not disappoint! It's colorful and bursting with flavors. Not to mention, it's loaded with vegetables and protein.

It's easy enough for a weekday meal, but it was special enough for guests. My good friend, Dawn, joined us for dinner and games. We had so much fun.


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Live well. Be kind.


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