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I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

In the past, I measured my success by how close I was to achieving my goals. But my goals weren't clearly defined. I just knew that I wanted "more." How much more? I didn't know. Just "more."

This approach was neither skillful nor enjoyable. Over time, I've learned that clarity and purpose bring more fulfillment than vague, outward-focused aspirations.

Nourish turns six on Friday. Have we hit all the "success" milestones we set out for? Definitely not. But, have we done more good than I could have imagined? A resounding, YES!

As we celebrate another year of business, I'm savoring the sweetness of our journey. One that is filled with clarity, purpose, passion, and joy.

Thank you for your unwavering support, enthusiasm, and love for Nourish (and me). I am deeply grateful.

Cheers to six amazing years!

Inspiration of the Week

Nourish Pick of the Week

While I love (and stand behind) all of our products, my Top 10 Favorites,
in order, include:

I'd love to know your favorites!

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Recipe of the Week

Jamie's Power House Smoothie

Speaking of favorites, I've made my Smoothie recipe most mornings for the past two decades!

It's a fast and easy way to ensure I kickstart my day with a variety of powerhouse nutrients.

This recipe makes for one very large smoothie. You could certainly divide it and share it.


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Live well. Be kind.


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