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Jamie on her hands and knees on a yoga mat with Emma on her back hugging her

I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

I had heard of Intuitive Eating, but thought it was synonymous with mindful eating. While mindfulness certainly can be a part of Intuitive Eating, it is so much more than that.

This illuminating episode of Dan Harris' Ten Percent Happier Podcast with Evelyn Tribole has profoundly changed the way I think about food.

Most notably, I learned why it's important not to talk about food in moralistic terms, how to rethink negative body image, and how to make peace and rethink my relationship with food.

I highly recommend giving it a listen.


There's really not a difficult thing unless you decide it's a difficult thing. Otherwise, it's just the next thing you're figuring out.

Nourish Pick of the Week

Heart Chakra Roller Blend

Green Heart Chakra roller blend in front of all the other chakra roller blends in a V behind it on a marble tray with a white background

I'm in a season of learning how to sit with the discomfort of watching a loved one struggle.

The Heart Chakra blend has been a salve for my broken heart.

It's encouraging feelings of self-love, kindness, and compassion.

If you're feeling tender, emotional, and/or out-of-sink, I strongly recommend it.

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Recipe of the Week

Sheet Pan Pork Sausages w/ Roasted Apple & Delicata Squash

A large sheet pan with sliced apples, squash and sausages ready for roasting

One pan and no dishes? Count me in! 

Made with Italian sausages, delicata squash, and juicy apple, this easy sheet pan meal is perfect for busy weeknights. 


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Live well. Be kind.


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