Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 3/17/23

Recipe of the Week

Slow cooker ribs

While I consider myself a great cook overall, I'm still busting my chops (pun intended) at preparing meat that is consistently tender and juicy. Well, I just outdid myself with this Slow Cooker Ribs recipe.

The meat fell off of the bones and was so dang delicious.

Plus, the recipe was super low fuss. I did make a few tweaks, though:

  • I significantly reduced the amount of Cayenne Pepper
  • I used Coconut Sugar instead of Brown Sugar
  • I only had 2 lbs of ribs, so I reduced the recipe by half


Recipe Here


Be the energy you want to attract quote

Wellness Practice

Jamie at desk

Please consider this...

What if we use our personal platforms to promote things we LOVE versus giving attention to things we HATE?

Earlier in the week, I saw a social post that was very shaming. It caught my attention and lingered with me long enough to talk to a friend about it.

My friend wisely pointed out that shaming energy is low-level energy. The post negatively affected the people reading it, and it probably didn't make the poster feel great, either.

What if, instead, we focus on living in a higher-level energy, an energy of love?

What if we uplifted people, businesses, and things we admire and who we think are doing things right?

Doesn't that feel lighter?

Next time you're tempted to shame, perhaps instead focus on those who are doing things in a way you admire and respect. Let's give our platforms and our voices to those doing good in the world.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite mantras:

You find what you're looking for. Look for the good.

Fun Nourish Updates

Project Pitch It Billboard


Friends, a dream of mine is coming true! I am beyond excited and honored to share that you'll see me on TELEVISION throughout the spring!

I am a Guest Mogul on Project Pitch It, Wisconsin's version of Shark Tank! I was able to film with Milwaukee legends: David Gruber, Jerry Jendusa, Gale Klappa, Deb Allen, and Peg Ann. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me. Season 7 kicks off this weekend, and my first episode will air on March 25 & March 26. I'll be on a total of 3 episodes.

I had an amazing time and hope to do even more television work this year. I love this journey I'm on, and I'm deeply humbled by, and grateful for, your continued support.


Live well. Be kind.


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