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Jamie smiling whilst doing a yoga side stretch

I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

Over the past few weeks, I've been sharing deep healing practices with you. Let's lighten things up today and focus on the joy of movement.

I found a new workout channel on YouTube that I've been enjoying immensely. It's called Team Body Project. The instructors are based out of Australia. They're playful, fun, and focused on appreciating our marvelous bodies.

The workouts are all low impact and require little to no equipment.

I recommend trying this workout to see why I'm smitten with this channel.

30 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for All Fitness Levels


Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.

Nourish Pick of the Week

Sore Muscle Relief Roller Blend
a woman rubbing sore muscle roller blend on her left shoulder back areaIf you push yourself too hard, and your muscles are feeling tired and achy, I recommend our Sore Muscle Relief Roller Blend.

Check out this customer review from Lisa P.

"I've been going to the chiropractor for my shoulder. There is this muscle that will not relax and it gives me sharp pains. Ordered the roller and it has been working fabulous to relax and heal that muscle. Ordered one for my husband's elbow as well and he was so happy with the results."

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Recipe of the Week

Pineapple Lassi

a pineapple lassi in a tall smoothie glass with a straw and a slice of pineapple on the side and a full pineapple lying behind it.This week's recipe is a Pineapple Lassi, a frothy South Indian drink that traditionally contains seasonal fruits and spices.

Make this drink for breakfast or as a delicious & refreshing afternoon snack.


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Live well. Be kind.




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