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I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

I really admire Elizabeth Gilbert, so I was delighted to see her return to my favorite podcast, We Can Do Hard Things.

Elizabeth spoke about her Letters from Love project, a self-compassion practice that encourages you to "discover your inherent value and exquisite preciousness, and to learn how to write and speak to yourself from a place of love and friendliness."

Elizabeth promises that the practice is not about "fancy writing," but rather how to write yourself letters from unconditional love-- how to open your imagination to universal friendliness and download its messages.

I've been writing a letter to Love most days over the past several weeks and I've been delighted by how easily and clearly the messages flow onto the paper.

I start each day with the prompt:

"Love, what would you have me know today..."

Here's a short excerpt from the letter I wrote this morning and the guidance I received:

Trust that you're on your way.
Trust that you will get there.
Trust that there's really no need to rush.

Because the magic is happening now.
All around you.
In you.
Through you.

You're not doing anything wrong.
You can't get it wrong.
I'm here guiding you.
Trust that I've got you.

If you'd like to learn more about this practice, I recommend listening to the following three episodes of We Can Do Hard Things and then get out your pen and paper.

Episode 268: Elizabeth Gilbert Shares Her Most Important Practice

Episode 269: Glennon Shares Her Love Letter with Elizabeth Gilbert

Episode 281: How Amanda Finally Calmed Her Brain and Her Letter from Love with Liz Gilbert



It's time to...  Love yourself.  Respect yourself.  Admire yourself.  Forgive yourself.  Accept yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Today's the day.

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Recipe of the Week

Tortelloni Soup

Tortelloni Soup in a white bowl on a brown table

This week's recipe comes from Nourish teammate, Moorea. 

She shared, "This is a definitely a favorite of mine. It's so quick to make and a perfect comfort meal on a chilly night. We normally double the batch because it goes so fast! I go back for a second and sometimes third helping."


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Live well. Be kind.



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