Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 9/2/21

Hi, Sweet Friends,

Welcome to Nourish Together, a compilation of wellness products, practices, tips, and inspiration I'm loving right now. Plus, any updates that I feel are awesome and worth sharing. 

I hope you find value in the content. 

Recipe of the Week

I love breakfast for breakfast. And, breakfast for dinner.

The Turkey Hash with Runny Eggs and Spicy Green Harissa is a delicious dish anytime of day! This is the recipe that introduced me to Harissa, and I'm smitten! It's spicy, smoky, and totally YUM!

Tip: Trader Joe's carries Harissa!

 Turkey Hash with Runny Eggs and Spicy Green Harissa


Last week, I shared the following quote by Warren Buffet: "The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything."

A huge THANK YOU to all who reached out and shared your "no" experiences. I loved learning from you.

Over the past 7 days, I practiced saying, "No." I graciously turned down invites for upcoming maker events. I declined an invite to be the "Room Mother" for my daughter's classroom. I politely passed on an invite to appear on the news... at 5:00 a.m. (I go to bed way too late to make a 5:00 a.m. television appearance.)

Guess what?! The people I said "no" to still like me! I feel proud, protected, and empowered.

"When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself." Paulo Coelho

"Sometimes no is the kindest word." Vironika Tugaleva

One of My Favorite Things (NOT sponsored, just sharing a product I use and love)

I didn't pay myself for awhile when I launched Nourish. Instead, I treated myself to a few subscription boxes with the justification that I was doing product research. I've definitely come across some pretty awesome products this way, including Green Goo's Hibiscus Body Scrub.

I LOVE this scrub. Soooo much. It smells and feels amazing. Every time I see this scrub as a (discounted) product add-on to my monthly subscription box, I add three to my cart. It's that good. 

It's pricey, so maybe add it to your Holiday Wish List! You won't be disappointed.  

Green Goo's Hibiscus Body Scrub

Jamie's Weekly Tip for Entrepreneurs

I'm currently listening to the book, "Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose" by Tony Hsieh. 

I love that Zappos has always been a customer-obsessed company that focuses on delivering a WOW experience. Take a look at their Core Values:

  1. Deliver WOW Through Service
  2. Embrace and Drive Change
  3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
  4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning
  6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
  7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  8. Do More With Less
  9. Be Passionate and Determined
  10. Be Humble

So cool, right?! Read more in their "Oath of Employment."

 "Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose" by Tony Hsieh.

Nourish's Upcoming Events

PINCH ME! We're at Summerfest! You'll find us in the "Shop Local" area, right outside of the Summerfest Store. If you go to the festival, please stop by and say, "Hi!" We'd love to see you.

Fun News

It's September and our seasonal favorite, PUMPKIN SPICE ROOM SPRAY, is back! 

Nourish Pumpkin Spice Room Spray


Live well. Be kind. 

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