In defense of disorganization...

I have many talents, but organizational skills are not among them. I got curious on how my disorganization was serving me.

--I can go with the flow in the midst of chaos. I don't need everything in perfect order to be comfortable and creative.

--I energetically jump from one thing to another and continuously enjoy the high that comes from new discoveries.

--I easily connect disparate things.

That being said, my lack of organization can overwhelm me, not to mention the people around me. I hired an organizational coach to teach me some tricks and hold me accountable. My family and I have purged over 100 bags of "stuff" from our house. I'm learning the sweetness of a more organized life.

--Organization can represent an abundance mindset. When I let go of things that no longer work in my life, I make room for opportunity and awesomeness.

--Clutter can represent delayed decision making. Organization allows me to admit my mistakes and move forward. (My mindfulness practice has taught me that it's okay to make mistakes. I'm human. I now offer myself kindness and compassion instead of subjecting myself to harsh criticism.)

--Organization is calming. There is peace in simplicity and order.

--Organization allows me to slow down and savor what's in front of me.

Marie Kondo encourages us to focus on what brings us joy. I will keep an organized physical space so that my mind has freedom to discover and play in a structureless unknown.


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