Appreciate thyself

During yesterday's Mindfulness Class, we focused on Self-Appreciation. We discussed how we tend to focus on our inadequacies over our positive qualities. Our brain is continually scanning for "problems to be fixed."

We took time thinking about our good qualities. I was totally shocked that so many of my classmates had a difficult time defining what they appreciated about themselves. They didn't see themselves as inherently good at anything. With all of my imperfections, I do not lack self-appreciation. I think I'm pretty awesome at a lot of things.

For those who struggle with self-appreciation, may you consider this... In honoring your beauty and your gifts, you are honoring all of your teachers, mentors, friends, and family who have helped shape you.

Our good qualities are the result of the many people around us. We may not be perfect, but we have many excellent qualities.

Please join me in celebrating something beautiful about yourself. What is something you do well? You don't need to be perfect at it. You don't need to exhibit this quality all of the time. Just please list something that has blossomed in you because of the support and encouragement from those around you.

I'm grateful to my tribe for helping me hone my gift of making people feel valued, heard, and important. Namaste.

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