Armpit Pro Tips

Let's give a little love to our chia pits. 😁

Our armpits serve an important function, including housing 20 lymph nodes that filter toxins out of our tissues, including our breast tissue. These lymph nodes also produce a variety of immune cells, known as lymphocytes, that fight infection.

So, let's commit to treating our underarms right.

I encourage you to consider using a natural deodorant versus an antiperspirant to keep your pores open so these filtered toxins have a place to come out.

I also recommend not picking up the razor every time you jump into the shower. Shaving causes micro-cuts in the skin. Some ingredients can irritate those cuts when applied immediately after shaving. On days that you do shave, consider waiting 30 - 60 minutes before applying underarm products.

Many natural deodorants, including Nourish Natural Deodorant, incorporate baking soda, which is an incredibly effective ingredient. Baking soda naturally boosts the pH level under your armpits. Stinky bacteria in your sweat don't survive this elevated pH level.

Some people; however, are sensitive to this bump in pH. If you experience irritation/red bumps right after you apply natural deodorant, you may have an allergic sensitivity to baking soda. A baking soda-based deodorant is probably not the right product for you.

If you experience irritation "out of the blue," though, you may just be applying deodorant too soon after shaving, and irritating those micro-cuts. On days that you shave, just give yourself a little extra time before applying deodorant. This might just do the trick for you!

Personal Note: Sometimes, I use the Nourish After-Shave Spray as my deodorant on days that I shave. The rich jojoba oil and Vitamin E help soothe and moisturize the pits, while the essential oil blend helps keep the stink at bay. Other times, I just wait 60 minutes and I'm good to go!

Your pits don't have to be the pits!

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