A Life Lesson at Your Fingertips

Try something with me...

Rub your thumbs against your fingers. How do they feel? Smooth? Rough? Tingly?

That's it! You did it! You practiced Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is awareness. It's tuning in to the present moment. As brief as that moment was, it really matters. Especially when you return to Mindfulness several times throughout the day.

Why should you care? Mindfulness has been PROVEN to help the mind and body in so many ways, including:

Fall Asleep Faster Reduce Worry and Anxiety Assist in Setting Boundaries and Saying No Increase Focus and Concentration Lower Blood Pressure Deepen Spirituality Increase Likelihood of Achieving Goals

I encourage you to try practicing Mindful moments today. Maybe you can walk mindfully. Notice as your feet connect with and leave the ground.

Observe how you breathe. Notice your belly and chest as you breathe in and out.

That's it! Nothing too fancy or complicated. Enjoy the sweetness that comes from noticing. It will change your life.


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