Crystal-Infused Chakra Gift Set


Gift the Rainbow!

2020 has been A YEAR. This is the ideal gift for anyone looking to help balance the major chakras of the natural energy system — perhaps a mom who’s been virtual or homeschooling, or a teacher (they deserve the world these days!). When our chakras are in balance, our natural energy flows smoothly, creating a sense of overall well-being. Included is an educational guide of how to use the Roller Blends.

  • Set of 7 Crystal-Infused Chakra Roller Blends including:
    • Root Chakra - Grounded Foundation (Red)
    • Sacral Chakra - Joyful Creation (Orange)
    • Solar Plexus Chakra - Confidence & Manifestation (Yellow)
    • Heart Chakra - Loving Compassion (Green)
    • Throat Chakra - True Expression (Bright Blue)
    • Third Eye Chakra - Clear Intuition (Indigo)
    • Crown Chakra - Higher Connection (Violet)

100% CLEAN. 100% NATURAL.

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