Top 5 Tips for Wellness from my Reiki Master

1. Be present, focusing on the past or projecting fears or false outcomes onto the future rob you of fully enjoying opportunities that are coming to you now. Don’t let the life that is happening to you now be lost in memories or projections into the future. See and experience all that is happening to you in this moment!

2. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition. We all have an inner guidance that knows what is best for us. Trust that gut feeling and believe you know what is right for you. We can receive advice or opinions from others but ultimately this is your life and trust that you know what is best for you!

3. Be open to alternatives, when you are open to receive new ideas, new ways of doing things can appear in your life that you never knew were possible. Whether that’s health alternatives like Reiki, meditation, essential oils or even thought alternatives such as changing old beliefs. When you’re open that allows the universe to bring you the change you have been asking for in unexpected and amazing ways.

4. Be compassionate with yourself, we can be so concerned with being compassionate with others that sometimes we forget to do it for ourselves! Always have love and compassion for yourself. Try not to talk or think bad thoughts about yourself. And if you do, don’t let them linger or continue to grow. Treat yourself the way you treat a dear friend. You deserve the same amount of love and compassion.

5. Be brave, don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself on what you want or what you would like to change. Do your healing work and see how wonderful your life can evolve and change!

Kristine Joy is a gifted Reiki Master/Teacher and Natural Intuitive. She helps her clients focus on areas that they need to heal and grow by moving energy blocks and releasing emotional attachments.


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