I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

I've been intentional about infusing my days with simple joys. Following are activities that have filled my cup over the past week.

I'm always looking for new fitness channels on YouTube and found this fun one: Up to the BEat Fit. This workout is set to 80's & 90's jams from the likes of Whitney Houston, Go West, and Shanice. Total blasts from the past that will have you smiling (and singing) while you sweat.

(Even if you don't do the workout, please go listen to King of Wishful Thinking. It will take you back. #PrettyWoman)


I've been enjoying "moon bathing" and listening to night sounds while swinging in our hammock. The leaves on our Ginkgo Tree make especially soothing sounds as the wind rustles through them.


I discovered that Greg McKeown has a podcast! He's the author of two of my favorite books: Essentialism and Effortless. I enjoyed his episodes on "The Art of Subtraction with Leidy Klotz."

Key Takeaway: "Our natural instinct, when trying to add value, is to add something. However, it may be more beneficial to subtract something. Simplification through subtraction can help us be more focused on the essential goal.


Instead of blending up my smoothie and going straight to work this morning, I took my breakfast outside and enjoyed a few minutes on the deck smelling the lilacs and feeling gratitude for the beautiful world around us.

Small joys. They're all around us and make life so much sweeter.


Nourish Pick of the Week

I know many of you are fans of the We Can Do Hard Things podcast and learned about Amanda's diagnosis on Tuesday's episode.

If someone you know is facing their own cancer battle, and you're looking for a lovely gift to show your support & encouragement, may we recommend our Hope Ribbon Charm Bracelet.

It's a reminder to our fighters and survivors that we're always cheering for them.

Recipe of the Week

I've been working to reduce the amount of food waste in our home, so I appreciate versatile recipes that allow me to use just about any vegetable in the fridge.

This simple & tasty recipe does just that.


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Live well. Be kind.


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