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Jamie hugging Emma sitting in a wicker swing chair

I like to share things that light me up, fill me with joy, and make my life easier. Nothing is sponsored. These are just things that are helping me along my journey.

Earlier this week, I read an interesting article about the psychology behind procrastination.

I learned that procrastination often stems from one of the following reasons:
1. Striving for perfection
2. Difficulty breaking tasks into manageable steps
3. Oversimplification of complex projects
4. Insufficient know-how
5. Lack of self-discipline
6. Poor time management
7. Fear of failure
8. Desire for total control, reluctance to delegate
9. Avoidance of unpleasant tasks
10. Insufficient planning

I got curious about why I procrastinate, so I jotted down a list of the many items on my perpetual "back burner." I then looked for themes amongst the tasks, and it quickly became clear to me why I procrastinate.

I have a tendency to overthink tasks, a symptom of perfectionism. For example, I've been hanging on to Emma's school photos since October. I told myself that in order to mail them out, I'd need to find (or buy) beautiful cards and write out long, personalized messages to each recipient.

I decided that I'm going to make this easier and mail the photos with a sweet message on a note card. Done is better than perfect, right?!


My goal is no longer to get more done,  but rather to have less to do.

Nourish Pick of the Week

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Recipe of the Week

New Year's Noodles
a blue plate of noodles
So many of you shared that you enjoyed last week's recipe that we asked our friends Damien & Melissa for another one.

This New Year's Noodles dish speaks to my heart, or should I say, tummy. I love peanut buttery Pad Thai noodle dishes. I can't wait to make this one tonight!


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Live well. Be kind.


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