Nourish Together - Weekly Newsletter - 10/20/22

Recipe of the Week

This week’s recipe, One-Pot Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew, comes from my friend, Wendy Pawlak. Fun fact: Wendy is a wonderful photographer and captured the first-ever Nourish team photos four years ago!

(I like to share origins of the recipes because I want you to know that (1) I have made the recipe and can attest to its deliciousness, or (2) someone close to me who I trust has made the recipe, and/or (3) both!)

While I have not made this particular recipe, I have made several West African inspired stews and I LOVE them! They have a base of ground nuts or nut butter (typically peanuts) and tomatoes. They are creamy and incredibly flavorful. Enjoy!

Recipe Here


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Wellness Tip: Body Image Meditation

Yoga pose

I recently shared with you that I’ve hit a season in my life where I’ve become “thicker.” Even though I’m eating well and working out regularly, my clothes are getting tighter and there’s more of me to love.

In the past, I would have put myself on a strict diet, restricting calories and incessantly working out until the numbers on the scale were back to an “acceptable” weight.

I've wanted to take a more compassionate approach this time around. I’ve been using a food journal which has helped me see how I can be more mindful with my eating. (Note: I continually remind myself that the food journal is not about being critical or judging my choices, but rather for recognizing trends where I can make changes that will better serve me.) For example, I quickly saw that when I waited too long between meals, or I didn’t eat enough protein, I would wolf down chips because I was "famished." 

And even with all of this mindfulness, my body image insecurities have come creeping back in because although I'm seeing results, they feel like they are happening too slowly.

I found this 10-Minute Body Image Meditation by Emily Brinnand that has been very helpful in starting to rewire the messages that I’ve been sending to my body. It has provided me with new vocabulary to practice an attitude of greater gratitude, compassion, and acceptance toward my body, as it is, right now.  

Tutorial Here

Local Small Business Recommendation

Carved pumpkins on bench

This week’s recommendation comes from Nourish Team Member, Katie.

Katie stated, “My family and I visit Barthel Fruit Farm at least once or twice a year. Our favorite time to visit is during fall harvest season. We start by picking (and sampling!) apples. Honeycrisps are our favorites! We then head over to pick pumpkins for Halloween. We carved ours last weekend (see above photo).

Before we head out, we visit the bakery where everything is homemade. (Good luck passing up the donuts!)

I highly recommend a visit to this local family farm in Mequon, WI. You’ll be so glad you did."

More info

Live well. Be kind.


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