Natural Ways to Grow Healthy, Strong Hair

Gorgeous, thick, healthy hair? Yes, please!

We all want healthy strong hair, but the elements, harsh chemicals, and even our hormones all play a role in damaging our hair. So, what can we do?

Start with your diet. 

We know what we put in our body matters. Protein plays a key role in hair health. Add lean meats, eggs, beans, and nuts to your diet. Eliminating processed foods will also help.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp.

Hair follicles may become clogged with sebum, dirt, and oil causing our hair to be lifeless and dull. We often spend time washing our hair, but our scalp deserves some love, too! Enjoy giving yourself a glorious scalp massage. You can use an essential oil like Rosemary to invigorate your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. 

Some notes on using Rosemary essential oil: Be careful not to get it in your eyes as it may burn. Dilute it with a carrier oil prior to applying to the scalp to avoid irritation. 

Research shows that Rosemary essential oil may help:

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Prevent premature graying 
  • Help soothe dry flaky scalp

That’s why we use organic, therapeutic-grade Rosemary essential oil in our hair care products. When used correctly, rosemary is generally considered a safe ingredient that provides many benefits to our hair health. 

Use a Nourish Natural Product spray for hair.

We offer three high-performing products to help with your hair growth and overall health. Using one or more may greatly help your hair to have extra body and grow faster.

Rosemary Mint Texture Spray

Beach waves roll through your ‘do.

If you’re daydreaming of tousled tendrils like your favorite mermaid? Make this fantasy a reality with our Rosemary Mint Texture Spray. Effortless vacation hair available any time — just spray several pumps on damp or dry locks. You’ll get all the summer fun without the beach bummer (like sun damage to treated hair).

Our salty, all-natural formula bottles the beach using two salts that help add goddess-like volume and texture with every scrunch. The organic aloe vera gel, peppermint hydrosol, and rosemary essential oil all nourish and soften hair while enhancing shine. 

Hair Thickening Spray

Help for thin, fine hair.

If your locks are lacking, try a spray of Hair Thickening Spray. This plant-based formula helps give thin, dry, fine hair a much-needed boost. This product is ideal for anyone looking to pump up the volume. 

This custom blend uses only high-quality essential oils from organic Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, and Cedarwood. When used regularly, this all-natural spray may promote hair growth, increase volume, improve circulation, reduce dryness, fight environmental damage, and increase shine. Yes, please!

Special shout out to our postpartum Mamas. Hair loss and shedding can be a thing (thanks, hormones). Good news: it's temporary. More good news: many new moms swear by our all-natural treatment. 

And if it’s your kids’ hair you’re concerned about...

We’ve got natural ingredients to make creepy crawlies scram!

Organic Lice Prevention Spray

It's a horrible feeling — the dread when that school or camp email arrives, "Parents, there's been a lice outbreak..." Don't freak! Instead, start spritzing. Our Organic Lice Prevention Spray uses a blend of natural, organic essential oils that lice can't tolerate.

This spray soothes the scalp and is gentle enough to use daily. Plus, it smells clean and fresh!

Show your hair the love and care it deserves without a lot of fuss! 

Eating well, massaging your scalp, and choosing one or both of your favorite Nourish Natural Products sprays will help keep your locks looking as gorgeous as Rapunzel. You deserve to let your hair down! (Pun intended.)

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