Enjoy the ride

I feel like I've been paddling upstream lately. I'm doing soooo much. Efforting soooo hard. And, although I intellecturally know that "being" is so much more powerful than "doing," it's been hard to stop.

But, this afternoon, I had no choice. My tank ran empty. I put aside my To-Do List and (unintentionally) did something to get me back in flow. To get me back in the boat for a more effortless ride downstream.

I have <1% graphic design skills, but I have so much fun trying to design on Canva.com. I work on my designs, I'm in flow. I have so much fun. I lose track of time. Giving myself permission to play and create truly filled my tank.

I used to shy away from activities in which I wasn't naturally gifted. Over the past year, though, I've been allowing myself to play in new spaces. Gain new experiences. I just keep showing up. And, over time, I've gotten better.

For example, I was THE WORST yoga student in class. I had no skillz. But, I kept going day after day. And, now, I can do crow pose and other awesome asanas that I never thought my body was capable of doing.

Note to Self: Stop paddling so hard. Just show up, flow the other direction, and enjoy the ride.

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