Solar Plexus Chakra with Citrine Crystals



The Sanskrit word for Solar Plexus Chakra is “Manipura.” “Mani” means “gem” and “Pura” means “city.”

Location: Upper belly at the diaphragm.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of personal power, self-esteem, willpower, and self-discipline. When our Solar Plexus is not in balance, we may experience the following physical & emotional manifestations: ⁠feeling passive and inactive, criticizing ourselves, emotional outbursts, lack of confidence, feeling powerless, feelings of stress, and lack of direction.

Essential oils and crystals can help open and balance the Solar Plexus. Our special blend contains Black Pepper, Cardamom, Davana, Grapefruit, and Citrine Crystals, which support personal power, self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment.

The following mantras help open and balance and the Solar Plexus.

  • I make my own path. ⁠
  • I choose happiness.⁠
  • I am courageous.⁠
  • I am powerful.⁠
  • I am strong. ⁠

Size:  10 ml Glass Bottle with Stainless Steel Roller


Organic Coconut Oil, Citrine, Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Cardamom, Davana, Grapefruit


Apply to center of torso, above the navel. Gently massage in.

100% CLEAN. 100% NATURAL.

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