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Root Chakra with Garnet Crystals Tester


Grounded Foundation.

The Sanskrit word for Root Chakra is “Muladhara.” “Mula” means “root” and “Adhara” means “support” or “base.”⁠⠀

Location: Base of the spine⁠.⠀ ⁠⠀

The Root Chakra is very connected to feelings of safety and security, self-confidence, and knowing that we are enough. It also supports feelings of trust and belonging.

When our Root Chakra is not in balance, we may experience the following physical & emotional manifestations:⁠ immune system problems⁠, feelings of not belonging, pain in the lower body⁠, depression & anxiety, digestive issues,⁠ eating disorders⁠, indecisiveness⁠,  jealousy⁠, and anger⁠. We may also experience problems with our basic survival needs: food, housing, work, and finances. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

Essential oils and crystals can help open and balance the Root Chakra. Our special blend contains Spikenard, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Vetiver, and Garnet Crystals, which are grounding, create a sense of security and stability, and support our life purpose and goals.

Following are mantras that help open and balance the Root Chakra:

  • I am safe.
  • I am rooted and strong.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am open to possibilities.

Size: 10 ml Glass Bottle with Stainless Steel Roller 


Organic Coconut Oil, Garnet Crystals, Essential Oils: Spikenard, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Vetiver


Apply to base of spine, soles of feet, or back of knees and gently massage in.

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