Nourish Natural Products

Monster Spray Tester


It's hard to be scary when you smell like lavender.

Let's be honest—even little fears somehow morph into big boogie men when the lights turn off. Empower your kiddo to take action against fear and anxiety with our calming Monster Spray. Just a spritz in all the spooky spots makes your little one the big hero in the nighttime search for Things that go Thud in the night.

A special way to help keep bedtime routine calm. And, that helps moms and dads sleep better, too.

Lovingly blended with pure ingredients and essentials oils known to help create a serene feeling and promote sound sleep.

Size: 4 oz. Glass Bottle w/ Atomizer


Pure Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Cedarwood


Spray under your bed, in your closet, or anywhere you last spotted a monster. Upon contact, the monster will vanish immediately. This Spray works on invisible monsters, too!

Don't worry—this spray doesn't hurt the monsters but helps them realize no one likes a bully, and that they would probably not be so scary if they just got a good night's sleep, too.

For Parents: This spray contains ingredients known to promote calm and restful sleep, and works grown-up monsters and fears, too. Try a spritz in the bedroom and on your pillow for peaceful Zzzzz's

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